that time should be
So rich yet fugitive a pageantry.

forsake it then and with us fly
Into the past where nothing now can die:
Where even the young and lovely, old and staid
Live on unchanged - of purest fantasy made.

Prologue - W. de la Mare

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

True Confessions

I'll be the first to admit it, I'm the world's worst blogger!!!!

Oh, I had all these glorious ideas about how beautiful everything would look, how wonderful my writing would be. But my thoughts could not just jive with my actions - or is it the other way around??! Truth be told, I'm so technology challenged, that everything becomes overwhelming.

Now, if I would have the common sense and decency to post more often, I'd say that sooner or later (probably later), it would come together, be much easier. But I'd rather be digging in my garden or even (gasp) scrapping, than sitting at a computer struggling with cyber space!! So it all falls by the wayside.

And then, every so often when I decide to post - frustration sets in and I have to call in reinforcements. That would be my son, when he is willing. And I suffer severe embarrassment  when he says with disbelief in his voice "I just showed you how to do that last week!!" I wince, and say "well -  yes -  but - huh - I can't".......whilst looking frantically for the scattered notes on scraps of paper that are willy-nilly here and there, instead of being in that special little notebook specifically made for this purpose!!

Thus, you see this mess, a blog that wants to be spectacular and has big ideas, but no will power!!!!

So now I must get serious!! I must figure out how to get followers, I must post regularly. I must post close ups, as well as full layouts. I must explain a few things......because I am a Guest Special Investigator for the month of April at the challenge site CSI. And I am quaking in my boots, which are actually my socks and beat up old slippers. Here goes......wish me luck! All very well and good, because basically I'm talking to myself. Still no followers!! And well aware of that!

And my first post will come up in a couple of days!!!!!


  1. Ah Natalie, you have a follower... If you get your son to help you there is a widget/gadget/thingie that you can put on your side bar that adds followers... makes it easier for people to follow.. I think it is great that you are starting a blog. I am the same as you technically challenged but I have had my blog for two years now and I am really enjoying it... still don't have too many followers either but I do enjoy the process. I love your layouts. I love the way your blog will go and I am so excited to have you as a special investigator at CSI. I am a huge fan of your work. :D

  2. You are not alone in the bloggingly challenged department Natalie. I agree with Val, if you had a little widget where people could just click to become a follower it would simplify things. I grew up with a chalk and a blackboard so the whole technology thing used to scare the living daylights out of me. But I figured it's here to stay, so I'd better get on board. Frequent use, does help the memory, but I agree with you, I'd much rather be creating that sitting in front of the computer. Be gentle with yourself as you learn, just think of all those memory pathways you are laying down!!! So looking forward to seeing your beautiful art :)

  3. Hi happy to find another paper strewn blogger! I also have all the notes and the daughter who complains about having told me "how to" million times before!!! I am going to try to follow you via Bloglovin... Love your LO's!